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Cemetery Spanish Moss

Aug 6, 2013
This is the 7th year (in a row), that I've been posting my famous Cemetery Spanish Moss!

Up for bid, is a Large flat rate Priority box full of Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) collected from Savannah, Georgia's cemeteries of old.

I will "fresh pick" these air-plants, straight from trees that grow over the graves in Savannah, GA. Because the "moss" is being picked from trees (instead of the ground), chiggers will be of no concern. Along with the moss, I will send a bunch o' photos (on a flash drive) showing the exact moss and collection location where the moss was growing. You'll get to see it hanging from the trees that it came from! Because I'll have to go trekking through a creepy cemetery, dodge zombie hands, and outrun voodoo queens, the bidding starts at $30.

(When I was collecting 'moss' at Colonial Park Cemetery for 2016's winner, I saw a woman carrying a cow skull through the cemetery! What kind of spell was she working on? The dangers are real!)

Bid starts at $20. If the winning bid is $50 or higher, you get free shipping!
$15 shipping for USA (unless bidding goes over $50).

Here is a list of cemeteries, if you win, you get to pick which cemetery your Spanish Moss comes from!

1) Bonaventure Cemetery
Click the following link for info: Bonaventure Cemetery - Wikipedia

Not my photo.

2) Colonial Park Cemetery
Click the following link for information: Colonial Park Cemetery - Wikipedia

Not my photo.

3) Laurel Grove Cemetery North
4) Laurel Grove Cemetery South
Click the following link for info: Laurel Grove Cemetery - Wikipedia

Not my photo.

PM me with questions!

Opening Bid: $20
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