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Ceph with coffee

I have long wondered if cephs would be compatible with coffee as a fertilizer (not trying to restart the old argument just something for fun). So I decided to give it a go with the few cephs I have. The first one has had a good increase in speed of growth and the second made a much larger pitcher. This could be due to a large number of factors as I did not run a control group or try to run a formal experiment, but it definitely didn't hurt them. Both were from cuttings about a year and 9 months ago if I remember correctly and might just be hitting their stride. Anyways, here are pics none the less which everyone likes!

Biggest pitcher about an inch
2015-02-28 01.07.14 by majaco10, on Flickr

newest pitcher about 1.5 inches
2015-02-28 01.07.08 by majaco10, on Flickr
Beautiful! I give my neps coffee about once a month, never seen a problem with it yet.
i doubt it would cause any adverse effects. peat tea is also a good booster for cephs as well.
Interesting! How diluted was the coffee?
Peat tea that sounds like something I could do do you just use the run off when you rinse it
I took a half a sandwich bags worth, sometimes more sometimes less. I threw it in a gallon of water and used. I didn't think through it much just something I figured Id try.
A heads up/potentially ill-conceived notion regarding peat tea:

I've thought of just loading up some pantyhose with peat and letting it float in my rain barrel. I figure the heat from the summer sun and extended "brewing" time would be a good way to infuse my water with peaty goodness. This way all of my plants benefit.

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I have to try coffee on my cephs.