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Cephalotus Phil Mann

I've had this clone for many years, it came from a TF member that will remain nameless to protect them from gimmie/gimmie spam, I'm not 100% sure of the TF member but I believe I recall the correct person, it was one of the first few Cephs I'd acquired and did not realize the importance of record keeping with Ceph clones due to the difficultly telling one from another, and the horrid naming that surrounds this plant.

Anyway, I moved it into a 6" pot a year or two ago and I'm getting some nicely different pitchers from this plant.

Can you see why I think its different :)

Ceph Phil Mann
by randallsimpson, on Flickr
Very nice, Randall.

I definitely want to give cephs another go at some point. Been a few years since my last failed attempt. While cephs are easily my favorite amongst all the pitcher type plants, I confess to having great difficulty in seeing much (if any) difference between the various cultivars.
I have a small Phil mann ceph but mine is to small to compare to yours at the moment but I'm not sure what you think its different from..yr other clones?? Or am i not getting what u mean..
The base of the pitcher is much wider than any of my other Cephs by a noticable amount. All of my other clones are producing taller pitchers that are smaller in diamater at the bottom. This plant is much more "fat" at the bottom.

Maybe I'm just going mad with all these Cephs around me, or maybe the photo is just not doing the plant justice.

If you are really quiet and stay very still you can just make out them talking to each other, fyi they don't like the Lithops.
I have several different "clones" of cephalotus

They are all growing side by side and nearly impossible to tell apart
Looks good Randall,
The mouth of the trap looks pretty close to the base size as well. It doesn't have as much of a taper as say a "Coal Mine Beach."
Mine are hard to tell apart the only one i have thats different is one that grows all Green and just green no other colors thats the only one i can tell from the others. They dont like the lithops! That's horrible my lithops are friendly to my cps lol
Some "fat and wide" growing clones...

Cephalotus Frenchman Bay



The mouth of the trap looks pretty close to the base size as well. It doesn't have as much of a taper as say a "Coal Mine Beach."

Sometimes the waiting is worth it, since those seeds were sown in 2012 and now I clearly can differ 3 variations from Coal Mine Beach but that one below tends to grow fat, short and wide. However, the advantage of seed grown plants...

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I like the look of the Frenchman Bay, wonder what a full sized pitcher will look like.

Many of the seeds coming out of Coal Mine Beach seem like they have potential, only time will tell.
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I'm looking forward to seeing the adult pitchers from location and location crosses.
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Those are some fantastic forms. :) I wish I had more ceph diversity..but just have one single clone. Need to try some from seed sometime.