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Cephalotus tank build progress

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Quick pics through the glass. Sorry for the double post!


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Wow, it's not like any CP flower I've ever seen before.
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Yeah, weird little things. Good luck with pollination.
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Been blooming, I've been pollinating daily!

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Photobucket being a total pain so I moved all my pictures to another hoster.

Also, an update!

Mother plant, she needs to be moved to another pot again...which means more cuttings!

The tank. The LEDs have been beating down quite hard on the existing growth, the newer pitchers are coming out spectacular, though!


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This particular pitcher has some really dark teeth, nearly black. Cool thing is it's not that close to the lights.
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Took this shot today. Darn things won't stop growing! I was hoping this tank would last a few years, seems like I'll need to start planning ahead when all 10 gallons is filled.

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The color on the older pitchers is very nice.
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So basically the entire tank has gone crazy...



Growth from April to present
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It looks amazing. Might have to do this when I free up a light .
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Those cephs are looking great. They've filled in so much. I wish I had your luck, mine haven't changed size in all the time I've had them.
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Thanks for your diligence in keeping us up on this project. 'Looks great! 'Like a big rectangle of plants and soil sectioned off from the native habitat for Cephalotus.
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Absolutely incredible job. That was fantastic. I made a nice little desk setup myself with a cephalotus and I took it in for a demo to show kids and adults at different workshops/presentations. Always gets a nice reception. Yours looks incredible though. need to try something like that next time. haha.

So basically the entire tank has gone crazy...



Growth from April to present
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Thanks everyone!

A through the glass shot - Mountain of Cephs
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Largest pitcher from the tank

Largest pitcher from the potted plant
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There's a drainage layer. Just pvc, diffuser grid, and weed cloth :)

How high is the diffuser above the bottom of the tank?

Great set-up, thanks for sharing!

And ... when are you going to be selling/trading/giving away the cuttings from that very colorful and aggressive Cephalotus clone? Asking for a friend :).
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Diffuser is set up about 1” above.

As for offering this clone, maybe soon.
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Really great thread. Just bought a Cephalotus today. Second try at it. The first kind of withered away two years ago or so.
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Cephs should be in all collections! Good luck with the new one.

I’ve decided to move the big mother plant, currently stuck in its 6” pot, into a 14”x14” reclaimed wood box. It’ll have drainage and a resin coated interior.
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