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Cephs in CO

It's always nice when the first mature pitcher opens. Good job!
Of course with hot summer weather they've slowed down and reverted to some smaller pitchers, but so long as they stick around until fall....
Everything looks great hun! My plants have allot of non Carnivorous leaves aswell, the stronger the light the more they pitcher :D mine still got baby pitchers but their getting up their with your plants. Keep us updated on their growth :)
Very nice! Can't wait til I can start growing some :D

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Great cephs you got there! What kind of conditions are you giving them?
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Roughly a Mediterranean climate, very warm in summer and between 50-70F in winter. Humidity probably 60% or so, beyond that I don't have real specifics: 2 2foot T8 shoplights, and one 2 foot sunblaster T5.
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How come your ceph is so green? Does it have to do with that clone or is it the light level? I kinda like it.

Oh yeah, go funky intermediate leaves!!!
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Color can be dependent on clone, but more so on light levels. There are 2 clones here, in a relatively short pot amongst pots meant for tuberous sundews, and will be getting repotted eventually to something taller; they have the capacity to turn darker, and have done so on the lids before.
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Interesting shape on that one bottom left pitcher in the top picture.
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I guess I'm not seeing it; if you're referring to the big open pitcher in the top photo, that's the same one that's in the bottom pic, and it looks pretty normal to me.