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cephs with non carnivorous leaves but no pitchers..help?


I have this all green ceph and a normal colored ceph that produces tons on non carnivorous leaves but has a hard time pitchering, it used to have nice big pitcher about 2inch big but it hasnt pitchered since i can see small ones in the mass of leaves popping up but thats the only sign i have that its doing something then creating more non carnivorous leaves. Is their a reason why its taking so long to pitcher? Ive had them in baggies over the winter and now that pur temps are warmer and sunny out im gonna attempt to acclimate them to the sunporch greenhouse for study and to grow. They look healthy enough but since i purchased these for learning purposes and studying watching it grow with the kids and my own enjoyment learning about this unique plant, im still learning stuff myself.


U can see the abundance of non-carnivorous leaves

I also have these two miniture ones of unknown type one was
donated but it suffered shipping shock and has just finally started producing new growth and leaves

And this one was given to us to study its marked as 'phil mann' i dont know if that is a type or if that is the growers nameor if he crossed it but the pitchers that are on this are small and bubble looking its too finally putting out new growth after suffering frost bite in the winter while i was given it.

I appreciate your help and your imput to find if theirs anything i can do to help these plants pitcher for everyone to enjoy
Thanks :)
If they do not get enough light they will put out non-carnivorous leaves only. With proper lighting you should have mostly pitchers.
They get pretty good light ... They are under a grow system of 4 plant lights 100watt i think 1100lumens or something to that extent i cant truely remember, my nepenthes were grown under the same lamps and pitchered fine and had great color... Do u think it could be the baggies i have them in?
Forgot to add- i read in winter they put out these non carnivorous leaves, thats why i kinda got worried cause its about 75-80°F in my home day temp and 55-65°F at night. Prob higher temps and humidity cause the baggies. I top water let ot flow out the bottom and sit until it evaporates to re-water.

Thank you for your response and quick reply :)
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I have 110 watts of T5 High Output lighting over my plants and that's 10,000 lumens - quite a difference from your 100 watts of (what kind of "plant light") and only 1100 lumens.

Yes, baggies over plants is not ideal. Fine for rooting cuttings or starting seeds but it often leads to rot, mold, fungus or just weak plants because it's a very stagnant cooped up environment. You can get a 10 gallon fishtank at Walmart, Petco or Petsmart for like $12. If you are gonna be growing these kinds of plants it will behoove you to acquire the proper equipment FIRST before collecting these things.
I would say for one stop top watering it it can suddenly die I lost a bunch this winter by top watering and also u never said how long you light is on for I have a feeling your plant is still dormant put your light on 14 on 10 off and it will start to grow faster but cephs are really slow if there environment is not failed in
I agree with jwalker as far as light cycle. Something closer to summer time light duration will probably bring on the pitchers. I top water mine, but also agree if not careful this could be a problem especially if the medium is not coarse enough to allow quick drainage. Mine is grown in a window sill so the light cycle takes care of itself! Good luck.
I also have plants, which seem on a different "schedule" than others; and are just now producing their first pitchers of the season -- months behind some of their neighbors . . .
There are 4 100watt bulbs sorry i prob didnt explain that to good, they are on a sort of light triggered timer i rigged up to turn on when the sun is up till it goes down. So when the sensor gets light on it the lamps turn on and when the sun is down it turns off, it also has a on/off switch to have it on when i want. But i like it timed to the actual seasons light change.

I have always top watered these plants but careful not to touch the water to the leaves and pitchers cause ive noticed they dont like to have those wet. It seems to be fine since when i let it sit in water ive noticed it would get rott.

Maybe they are just confused since they came from diffetent areas so when i got them in the winter they were still in their 'sunny and warm' temp schedule from where they were living it before i got them. So the fact that they are trying to pitcher gives me some hope they are trying to get back on a normal schedule for my area, they are slow growing but i like that it teaches patience and reward to the kids :)

And we did have a fee tanks filled with various plants in a living bog but it was destroyed along with most of the plants in it when our old greenhouse was vandalized, i like the tank system but i dont like the fact theirs no drainage so i have to be careful when watering or have to do planted pots for plants that require dormancy ..etc..etc..
We are still in the process of finding a tank in the size we need to re create a living bog again but we are still searching for what we need for a reasonable price or donated/borrowed
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Forgot to ad- the lights are specifically for plants and are daylight cf lights i beleive, they seem to work really good but i rather get them outside, unfortuantly we have a huge storm today and a tornado warning in effect not directly in my area but close by so i gatta start moving plants out of the windows cause they said we are gonna have hail and damaging winds...ahrg :(
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And im in a flood zone ...
Thank you for all the responses and the help i appreciate the info and help