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Chilean Rose Tarantulas new tank

Apr 15, 2002
Cernunnos Woods
I've finally got her on a good day and was able to make the transfer today to her new home out of the infernal Kritter Keeper and into a rather spacious 10 gallon terrarium.


Unfortunately the plants are all plastic since this species doesn't really enjoy wet soil it doesn't give me much options for planting. I would like to hide the water dish better but it has to come out and get cleaned plus this girl likes to splash in it on occasion so it would be full of dirt if I made a sunken pool.


I made this custom top because the all screen top of the kritter keeper kept the enclosure at 20% rh and even though she doesn't like wet soil she needs a higher humidity so this lid holds humidity at 60% but the top of the substrate is dry except the water dish overflow. I was hoping to feed her tonight but she's busy exploring all the new surfaces and might not eat.