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Classifieds rules. Work in progress... comments/suggestions welcome


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
I will edit this post as we go....

Welcome everyone to the TerraForums Classifieds!

1) First off please note, these classifieds are in trial mode and can have major/minor changes or end at any time. ALL members may participate in the classifieds section, both for selling, and listing a "Want to Buy" ad.

2) No vendors at this time. If you have a full blown store please do not participate at this time. If you do email sales or ebay sales etc on a small scale you may participate but this is not the time to advertise. Please do not mention your store, that you sell, watermark your photos with your store name, or otherwise indicate the fact in any way. This may change later, stay tuned!

3) Do not use all caps, symbols, fancy fonts, sizes, or anything else in your title to try and gain better attention. Your title should be basic and let people know what you have or are looking for and nothing else.

4) Your rule suggestion here! Please reply to this topic if you have a rule idea.
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I am wondering where we stand at the present. Are we ready to list items for sale?
It's on!

I have word directly from Andrew. It is on.
A question for Andrew:

Is there a way to sell multiple items, in my case plants of the same species, one at a time without posting multiple threads? I am propagating several Drosera paradoxa plantlets now. I hope to sell the rooted small plants off one by one for a very reasonable price each in the not too distant future.

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Hello! When you are setting up the listing there is an advanced options section (below description) click on that and then put in how many items you have... That is there for what you describe. Selling multiple items that are the same, separately. Once all (quantity you selected) have sold, the listing will be closed.
Lemme know if you need more help!
'Sounds pretty slick. Thanks, Andrew!
Why do I get a 404 every time I try to start a new thread?
They did an upgrade 2 days ago- let me email them and see what's up.
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Their response...

I was able to recreate this. I just sent a HOTFIX request into the tech team. It might be Saturday am before a developer can look and assess the depth and range of the issue. I noticed that this was happening for some partners but not all. I also see only a slight dip in listings created today. Investigating. Thanks for reporting.

I'll keep you updated.
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Fixed! (I'll clean this thread up within the next few days...)

Temporary fix in place. A more elegant repair coming next week. Thank you for reporting this. Our QA and head developer were able to verify and repair this during the morning.
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Maybe I missed it, but if I want to make a "want to buy" thread, do I need to sign up for panjo?
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Didn't have to originally... but they've taken most of the actions off of the forum server and onto their own since forums that used it a lot were getting bogged down. So I believe you do need an account now.
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Didn't have to originally... but they've taken most of the actions off of the forum server and onto their own since forums that used it a lot were getting bogged down. So I believe you do need an account now.
Ahh too bad, more work than I wanna do. :p
Thanks for the quick reply! :D
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I signed up for Panjo and I still can't figure out how to create a thread in the forum. Perhaps I missed something but I couldn't see anywhere on Panjo where there was an option to create a thread on the classifieds forum and even on TF, the 'Create a Thread' button just takes you back to Panjo. I like the idea of having a actual marketplace but it seems rather confusing and, like Acro mentioned above, a lot of work just to make a WTB thread (which is what I was trying to do as well).
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How to register and post a listing

[MENTION=10183]Acro[/MENTION] You realize to sign up you just login with facebook, google, or only an email... No long registration at all... See below

[MENTION=8247]mikefallen13[/MENTION] When you click on new thread here, it will direct you to Panjo to fill in all the details of your listing. Then when you click post listing, it will post it here. :) See below

Here are some step by steps... I'll find somewhere to post these.

Create an account
1) Go to "Terraforums Classifieds" forum and click "New thread" just like you normally would to make a post.
2) A window will pop up OR click "sign in/sign up" in the upper right corner. You can use your facebook, google or email to register... In this example I use email: click sign in or sign up with email
3) Enter email click "email me a link to sign in"
Registration is complete....

Create a listing (To sell or want to buy)
1) Go to "Terraforums Classifieds" forum and click "New thread" Just like you normally would to make a post
2) Login to Pandjo if you're not already (enter email address, then go to email and click link, no password required)
3) Already logged in? Go to 4 If you just logged in repeat step 1.
4) Enter in the info: Category, Item Title, Photos, Description, etc etc.... NOTE: If you want to list a "want to buy" click that button at the top.
5) Click "post listing"
6) On the dropdown box in the next page, select the appropriate category for your item to list as at TerraForums click "post listing".
Listing complete!
Optional: Go back to your listing here on TF and click the share buttons below the first post to get more exposure, using the links on the panjo page will link to Panjo, using the share buttons here will bring people to your post here.