cleaning out my trap



ok i just have one real quick question after my VFT eats and opens back up the insects are still there. do they need to be cleaned out? and if so how would i do it w/out making the trap close thanks alot.
It's a good idea to clean it out if you can. The best time to do it is when the trap first opens. One of mine just opened today, and the leftovers seemed hard and stuck, so I dipped a q-tip in distilled water and just gently ran the q-tip over the bug and it wiped right off, no problems! As long as you get it right after it opens, you shouldn't have trouble with triggering the trap again. Hope this helps!
The easiest way to remove dead insects is just spray it off with a spray bottle. The bug may stick a little, but will become loose on it's own.

Don't worry too much if you decide not to do anything. it's natural environment, there is no one going around the bog cleaning dead insects off traps. Wind and rain takes care of that
one thing though, if you do leave whats left of the bug in there, watch it because they can mold.

i have had it happen to me twice and i lost both traps because they started to rot, i think cause of the mold. so if you do leave the bugs watch out for mold cause it does form on some of the exoskeltons and will destroy the trap.