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Dionae Muscipula:

VFT typical*
VFT Justina Davis*
VFT Red Piranha*
VFT "1955"*
VFT Fused Tooth*
VFT Cup Trap*
VFT B52*
VFT Petite Dragon*
VFT Petite Dragon X Jaws*
VFT Jaws*
VFT Wacky Traps*
VFT Crested Petiole*


D. Venusta*
D. Sp. Jacoby
D. Scorpioides*
D. Adelae
D. Pulchella X Ericksoniae
D. Intermdia 'Giant'*
D. Intermedia Tropical*
D. Trinerva
D. Capillaris*
D. Capensis Typ. ( seedlings ) *
D. Filiformis Tracyi
D. Binata Maston Dragon
D. Filiformis Florida Giant
D. Indica ( green form )
D. Filiformis Red Variety
D. Dielsiana
D. Regia

Currently awaiting Germination:
D. Cistiflora Blainskoof
D. Alba
D. Hilaris
N. Viking
Byblis Liniflora
D. Burmanii
D. Intermedia
D. Venusta Occ.
S. Oreophilla
S. Jonesii.

P. Un id'd. its a gypsicola mix
P. P. ehlersiae *
P. ' Sethos'

S. Purps Varieties
S. Un Id'd ( lueco varieties )
S. Alata X Minor
S. Wherri
S. Rubra Ancestral
S. x doppelganger
S. Oreophila
S. Jonessi

- Ventrata*
- Bicalcarata
- x Coccinea
- Ampularia
- Spectabilis
- Burgridaea
- Hamata
- Villosa
- Maxima X TM
- 'Effulgent Koto'
- N. thorelii JAM clone n+w x 1976 LCS superba mixta
- N. 'Effulgent Koto'


-U. Livida
-U. Tricolor
-U. Sandersonii

* either I have surplus or am in the process of propagation
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