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CO flytraps

Hello all,
I don't have a lot of different Dionaea varieties yet, but at least a couple are doing well here. Currently I have 3 different typical clones two of them rescues from Lowes and one a cross between the two, and I also have 'Dentate Traps' and a couple young 'Akai Ryu' plants.
Here are a couple pics, first is the larger of the two Lowes rescue clones. This one produces a lot of color inside the traps, while the second clone stays nearly completely green

And this is the seedling. It's first year outside, and it already has traps to rival its parent, at over an inch long

The other 2 outside plants are not quite pic worthy yet, and due to the size of the Red Dragon plants they were getting burned outside, so they'll be growing out in the greenhouse indoors until they're big enough to weather CO sun.
Im also considering growing flytraps outdoors. Besides the sun, do they grow well outside for you?
Not sure what you mean by "besides the sun," since full sun is why they do so well. And yes, they manage to flower and set seed every year without getting set back much.
Sorry, i meant to say besides getting burned. I hope to one day create a bog garden with a good amount of vfts and
Possibly some pitchers, but wasnt sure how well they would do in CO.
All my Sarracenia grow outside with the flytraps once they're big enough.
Update pics! Some of the flytraps are looking more presentable now, especially the 'Dentate Traps'

Clone C has been producing a steady supply of large traps

Clone B is still behind though, as it usually is.

Clone A, meanwhile, is full of growth
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Very nice traps

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Well, I'm ticked; 'Dentate Traps' decided to rot, and my typicals are only just barely coming back around this year. No clue what the cause is either.
On the other hand, this guy is producing nice traps:
D. 'Scarlet Bristle' by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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I have unfortunately lost both my 'Bohemian Garnet' and 'Scarlet Bristle', so 'Akai Ryu' are my only red flytraps once again. The smaller made a double trap though
Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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Do the double traps each work separately, or do they both close when one is triggered?

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It's not a full double trap (they're connected by the outside wall) so they both close. Pretty sure even full double traps being on the same leaf would be triggered by the same potential.
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Did you winter them outside? maybe it was too cold or too rainy where you live. I lost VFT this way.
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It can drop to -30 F here in winter, and I do not have an in-ground bog, so there's no way they could survive outside. No, some bad soil and an accidental dry-out period is probably what did it.