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CP Community Ebay and Webstore Scammer Alert!

Apr 2, 2016
Hi Everyone,
I posted this initially over on a CP auction wall on FB to alert others that I had been scammed by a buyer on Ebay. I soon found out I wasn't the only one that this particular person had recently scammed! Since he's still active, I felt it would be wise to pass his username, real name and shipping address on to others who sell plants on Ebay and through internet stores.
(thank you to Andrew and the TF Mod Team for giving me the green light to do so :hail:)
If you have a Facebook account, this is the thread that I posted and the many responses to the thread:
Log into Facebook | Facebook

If you don't have FB, here is his information:
Ebay user ID's: thomaros87, jungle_exotics78
Real Name: Thomas Lane Ross aka Tommy Ross aka Lane Ross
Shipping address:
4391 Highway 66
Timbo, AR 72680

He's doing chargebacks claiming "unauthorized purchase" even after having communication with the seller before the item ships. After you get the chargeback, he's silent and will not reply to emails/msgs. He created the second Ebay account shortly after I posted his previous EBay username on FB.
I was lucky that Paypal released the funds back to me after I provided proof of shipping/delivery.
I hope this information prevents anyone here from going through the headache that I and others have had to experience.
Apr 2, 2016
Yes he's a buyer.
He has 1 feedback on Ebay as a seller and no surprise it was a negative one. From what the feedback said, this guy never sent him the plant, wouldn't reply to messages so the buyer finally had to go to Ebay to be refunded.
Real piece of work