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CP Noob with some questions :)

hi guys, i'm new here. just for a little intro, my name is Aaron, from Singapore.

i just got my 1st flytrap yesterday at a local nursery ( i read somewhere online that its not recommended to get flytraps from local stalls etc =X ). my bad as i did not research before getting one as i thought its easy to rear them, but after some research over at a FAQ site and looking into this forum, i terribly wrong.

i think CPs are really interesting. just afew queries. are my flytraps overcrowded ( counted and found approximately 20 traps ), are the leaves in bad condition? of they are what should i do?

i hope you guys can give me some tips on watering the plant. thanks!





the leaves look very sloppy, please give me advice to make them better if possible :)
poor guy needs sun. VFTs do best outside in full sunlight. You should water it with distilled/RO/or rain water. Keep the pot in a tray with a water level that goes 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch up from the bottom.

Introduce it slowly into sunlight if you want to keep most of the leaves, or just throw it out there (although leaves may burn).
gief sun! ;)
Yeah get that poor guy in some sunlight and a tray of distilled water asap. Flytraps bought at retail tend to be horribly deprived of both by the time you get them.
Hi Aaron

Not to worry. VFTs are not really hard. If you can provide their basics, they should do well for you. Lots of light (sunlight or artificial), pure water (rain/distilled/R.O. water, keep the media moist to wet), nutrient-poor soil (like a peat moss/sand mix), good air circulation (not sealed in a tank) and outside if possible (if its not too hot or cold).

Meet those basic needs and you should be fine. As for limp leaves...they die off anyway. Eventually traps and leave die and turn black as new ones are made from the center. Given good care, your VFTs should be look good in a few weeks or months. Just snip off any dead material.

Oh and you don't have to feed them. Let nature take its course.

:) Let us know how they do.
Congratulations on your new plant. It doesn't look to be in that bad of shape actually. Just give it lots of sunlight and distilled water and it will be fine.

You should try to grow it outside. It's best to give it at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day, but start off by putting it in the shade so that it doesn't burn. After a few days gradually introduce it to direct sunlight.

Good luck!
thank you guys so much for the comments and esp the great tips and suggestions =D its very much appreciated. i'm beginning to like growing plants more :D today i've put it outside in the day tie and brought it in for flourscent lighting for awhile before i get my sleep :)

Timmah: yea and i'm sure many kids that came before me tampered with the traps too >.< lol

PlantAkiss: thanks yea i sure will. i'll stick in this forum to learn more, very interesting place to be :)
You shouldn't put it outside then bring it in, I did that and my plants didn't like it. Just leave it outside in the sunlight and it will be happy. The inside of the traps should turn red after a while. And welcome to TF :D
i see, thank you for sharing your experience. i'll bear that in mind :) thanks for the welcome! :D
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Oh also, don't use any soil with any fertilizer in it.
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Welcome to TF! No need to to add to the advice given.
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maneatingmoo: yea thankies for that too :)

Jim: thanks for the welcome :D

Bob: yea the dormancy when i 1st read about it, gives me a head ache, but slowly i find it more interesting :) thank you so much for provising local links, i'll check there out the dormancy ones esp :)
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welcome to TF :)

these guys pretty much have it covered...

I will add that if it begins to flower this year, it would be best to cut it off so it can conserve some energy into adjusting to full sun.

Let is flower next year :)