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Cp's for glenbrook high school

Aug 11, 2001
Currently, I am enrolled in a horticulture class at my high school.  We learn about the basics, just taking care of the plants, replanting, cuttings, etc.  Many of the plants we learn about are plants that are easily found.  Simple house plants such as pothos, boston fern, swedish ivy, plants that you may come across at your local home depot.  

But one thing these courses don't have are CPS.  I am asking your help for any cps that you have lying around.  Students will learn about cps, how the media they live affects them.  This will introduce how the soil doesn't have to be fertilize, and the different in the acid-base soils.  Also how sand/perlite helps the media.  If people are willing to donate their plants, students who are interested can take the plants home, or even take cuttings.  

And for other who will let us just borrow the plants just for a couple weeks, we only care for the plants, and not take any cuttings, and we will ship back after the cps courses passes.

Please pm me  or email me at dkim128@yahoo.com
When emailing please have the topic as Carnivorous Plants