*Cries* I just can't do it!

The leaves will get sorta brown on the sides of the leaves and it will get blacker until the whole leave it black. It won't grow, I mean whenever a new trap comes in it ends up getting killed somehow. I keep it wet with a tray of distilled water underneath it. I have had it for almost a year and the most traps it has had at one time it 4 or 5. Right now it only has 3. It is always like this and whatever I do, it just won't stop!! I mean I love CPs and it is so interesting. It just seems whatever I do is wrong. I live in Lubbock, Texas which isn't as hot as most Texas because it is far north by Amarillo. It rarely gets to 99-100. Inside I have had it by a window that is the only south facing window that doesn't get light really because outside the roof goes off of the top and sortof shades the window. I have a 10 gallon empty tank that I am going to use for a sundew because it gets very humid inside. Anything I should do. Please step-by-step. I read about the plants as much as possible but it just won't comprimize.HELP!!
Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the forum.

First, a few more details about your growing conditions needed:

1) What type of soil (medium) is your VFT potted in?

2) Is the air inside of your house dry (A/C) or humid?

3) Does your south window get ANY direct sunlight or is it ALWAYS shaded?

4) What do you feed your VFT and how often?

The folks here can better help you after these questions are answered.
I just leave my VFT's outside, give them a lot of direct sunlight, and give them water whenever they need it and they seem to do excellent. I used to be all careful and try and move them inside of my house at night and then put them out during the day, but if you just let them do their thing outside they should be just fine.
Don't know if you're having any better luck yet, I'm just doing some "back reading" through some old tpoics to try and get some of my own answers. Just wanted to let you know that you sure aren't the only one! ARGH!  


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OK you newbies. You all will be juuuust fine!
There are loads of people here ready to help you with all your questons.

Like WayCool said...to answer a question, its very helpful to have some basic information like lighting, type of water, soil mix, where you keep it, type of container, what you might be feeding it, where you live, etc.

WayCool also had a good point. In the year you've had it, has it ever had a cold, dormant period (3 months or so)? The must have a dormant period.

Make sure you have good light, right type of soil (no commercial potting mix) kept wet but not soggy, pure water (distilled or rain only), good air circulation, etc.

Like Dfalkanger, my VFTs are outside year 'round...and they are doing what they do in nature...grow and eat bugs. :)

If you provide a little more info, maybe we can figure out the problem.

Don't give up! Hang in there.

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Don't give up!  Hang in there.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Sure...so you say!
Thanks for the encouragement!


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I am going to stray from convention here for a minute and tell you that you should give up... on VFTs (for now.)

Don't give up on CPs though!

I do not know why everyone in the world insists that VFTs are great beginner plants. I must have offed 50 of the buggers before I figured them out. But my first Sarr is still going strong as is my first Nep my first Ping my first Utric my first Genlisea and my first Drosera.

So, give up on the VFTs for now and go with a S. purpurea of flava. Or maybe a N. ventricosa. Try your hand at something else to get your mind off failure. Once you succeed with the other plants then your confidence will be back and you can go for VFTs again (and in my case kill 7 more before getting 3 that will live
It definitely sounds like it's struggling because it hasn't had a dormancy.
Put the plant in the fridge and take it out in January. What kind of weather do you get in January?