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Cross Pollination Took!

I tried cross pollinating some pings for the first time and it worked! Two out of the three flowers I pollinated are developing seed. The seeds will have the following parentage: Pinguicula ['Aphrodite' (agnata x moctezumae) x (laueana (CP2) x emarginata)-Vic's Clone]

My iPhone wouldn't let me get a shot of the seed pod in focus, this is the best I could get! Super excited for these seeds!

Congrats! Have you grown pings from seed before?
Interesting! I've always heard that Aphrodite is sterile. But whether that was in regards to it as a pollen parent or pod parent or both I don't know.
I did find this link that states that someone tried to cross pollinate Aphrodite could not get seeds to be produced. It looks like I have seed on the way, let's hope that they are viable! International Carnivorous Plant Society
That is great news J.Gennaro!

With the parentage of your cross, you can expect to have lots of variation in the seedlings.

Best of luck with your seed sowing attempt and hopefully you will be rewarded with some awesome seed grown plants for your efforts.

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Thank you dvg, I am very excited to see all the variation with this complex hybrid! Here's a clear pic of the swollen ovary:

Wow! That seed pod is huge!

You should get quite a few seeds from that one.

Looks like you have gotten some snow on the ground already.

It's still barren ground here, but maybe soon...El Nino years can be very dry winters for us up here.