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Norhtern Michigan Dragway Mama
Oct 17, 2005
Harrietta, Michigan
UPDATED 12-26-05
This is my grow list, although im just starting out and dont have anything to trade or sell at this time i just wanted to share what i am now growing..

D. muscipula
Typical green

D. spatulata
D. capensis Alba
D. capensis Red
D. burmannii
D. capillaris
D. binata
D. filiformis
D. intermedia
D. rotundifolia
D. adelae

N. Ventricosa Red

U. calycifida
U. livida
U. inflata

S. purpurea

P. primuliflora
P. lusitanica
seeds germinated and waiting to germinate.
D. capensis "Red" - Germinated 11-24-05
D. sessilifolia- still waitting on.
D. aliciae - Germinated 12-13-05
D. spatulata - Germinated 12-6-05
and VFT's - Germinated 12-7-05

Planted more seeds on 12-9-05
D. capensis "Red" - Germinated 12-20-05
D. aliciae
D. spatulata-germinated 1-5-06
D. sessilifolia

Planted more seeds 12-25 & 26-05
D. aliciae
D. binata
D. capensis "Red"-germinated 1-6-06
D. capensis "Alba"-germinated 1-6-06
D. erythrorhiza "magna"
D. macrophylla "snow dew"
D. madagascariensis
D. peltata
D. ramellosa
D. rotundifolia- cold strat.
D. sessilifolia- warm & cold strat.
D. spatulata
D. stolonifera- cold strat.
D. venutsa
P. lusitanica-germinated 1-6-06
S. purpurea- cold strat.
and D. scorpioides gemmae now growing!

Took leaf & stem cuttings 12-18-05 from,
D. Capensis Alba
D. Rotundifolia
D. Binata Forked dew
D. Spatulata
VFT's leaf cutting.
More leaf cuttings 12-20-05 from,
D. burmannii
D. capillaris
D. Spatulata

Want list,
D. slackii
D. capensis regular leaf  &  wide leaf
D. madagascariensis
D. venusta
D. montana tomentosa
D. multifida extrema
D. spathulata "Frazier Island"
D. admirabilis
D. asendens
D. dielsiana

Dionaea muscipula "Red Dragon"
D. "Pink Venus"
D. Giant

Australian Pitcher Plant
(Cephalotus) ------> "DESPERATLY" would love one.

Sun Pitcher
H. heterodoxa x minor

and a few Neps.

wanting to get many many more..