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Nov 4, 2012
First of all, the word "breeding" I use here means "creating new artificial varieties".

It does not mean pollinating to obtain hybrid clones. Even when pollinating two pure species to create F1 Hybrid clones, the task of pollination and creating hybrid clones is only a tiny fragment / small portion of an entire breeding program. If you are confused by reading this, please do not think further. Real plant breeders (or anyone who knows what "breeding" is) can understand.

The international plant naming rules of the International Society for Horticultural Science do not allow the use of “cultivar” for artificial varieties I am aiming to create.

There are personal plant breeders that I admire in Japan. Whilst my current situation is nowhere near the same league as theirs, I hope to climb or rise to the heights of the people I admire in the future. They are not like the giant company Monsanto. They are not seed companies neither. I don't think these companies care about the international authority.

Let's take the person related to this forum as an example. He is in heaven but I think he will allow me to do that. The league in which he existed is far above the league I'm aiming for. Almost half a century ago, I visited a nursery run by him and his son for the first time. After that, I visited their nursery frequently until I became a nursery man myself. If I remember correctly, he was already using a cane at that time. You will find his name attached after Dionaea in an enormous database. Maybe it also follows the Sarracenia cultivar names. Before World War II, he imported Dionaea and Sarracenia by sea, spread Dionaea in Japan, and bred Sarracenia (breeding cultivars). I often stayed in their nursery from before lunch time until dark in the evening. I followed his son, like the baby follows its mother about all day long, and watched Dionaea ‘Suzuki’ for hours. For some reason, they treated me very well. They were more famous as plant breeders for other plants such as orchids than CPs. Their names are still remembered among many plant lovers. Of course, even if my life triples, I won't be able to reach / rise to the league they were in. They cultivated a lot of precious plants and tried to prevent them from becoming extinct from Japan. They were not the type of nursery that mass-produced a limited number of varieties. They were good people for breeding. His son and his wife lived in a decent house. But he himself and his wife did not. Have you ever seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Johnny Depp & Freddie Highmore version. Recall the house where the boy Charlie Bucket and his family lived. The house where Charlie Bucket lived is reduced to 1/20 (or less), the style is Japanese, and the condition is the same. They created a lot of cultivars by breeding, but when they sold small quantities, they got stuck in mass production of his cultivars by other nurseries. Other nurseries that were good at mass production got the cultivars he created as soon as possible and mass-produces those cultivars. He was always cornered, due to the mass production of "the cultivars he made" by other nurseries. Of course, even if he profited enough from the cultivars he created, it is doubtful that he used it to improve his own quality of life.

His son was very pleased that I became a farmer as a tomato grower rather than a nursery man like them. He didn't want me to do that because their type of nursery was in such a difficult situation. As some of the members on this forum know, I immediately started doing more than just tomato production.

I used to think that the American dream was the term used when talking about Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. However, the original meaning of the American dream is "to earn income to support the family and to have a house to live in.". Just because the plant breeders I admire try to realize the American dream in the true original meaning, I cannot accept that the international authority treats them insultingly. Simply put, it's a strong anger. It's not a crime, but in my opinion it's "deadly / cardinal sin". I think that many people who belong to the international authority get their living expenses from public funds and research funds from public funds. Some of them may not understand how public funds are generated. Why didn't they use the new coined word for word that definition could change at a conference of the international authority?

In my opinion the international authority is having a great negative impact on the horticultural world.

I feel deprived of the word I have cherished for half a century; “cultivar”. There is a huge hole in my heart. The meaning of word might vary from person to person / each his own. It might vary from country to country. They use cold logic to force a resented agreement. I find it very insulting.

I am not going to discuss here with international authority or those who are in tune with it. I have no intelligence or language ability to compete with their intellect and the logic they use. It's like resisting the logic that International Olympic Committee president used for the Japanese. "Be skilled at debate" is not considered as a virtue for many Japanese in my generation.

The international authority says they are "not political".
Political remarks are prohibited in this forum and no details will be given. But if the international authority is unilaterally in favor of certain countries, it is the same as the IOC has a very political side. It's ironic.
The international authority has given the 101st quibbles to those who state 100 quibbles.
"We do not have to respect the varieties that " the international authority "does not respect. Our country does not have to comply with the contracts made. "

In my opinion the international authority is having a great negative impact on the horticultural world, even here.

I would like to know if the plant breeders I admire exist outside of Japan. If so, I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Of course, you wouldn't write in an open forum like this because you will hesitate to write in the open forum unlike me. Please send me a personal message.

Maybe it helps me fill a huge hole with something and repair it. It could be for me like “Bran mixed with pins and needles for the sake of a Scarecrow, Heart-shaped thing made of silk stuffed with sawdust for the sake of a Tin Woodman, Liquid in a square green bottle for the sake of a Lion”. Suffering from a sense of loss, those three believed they were released from it by Oz. But in reality, they had it from the beginning. Brain (Scarecrow), heart (Tin Woodman), courage (Lion).

In my case it's a real loss.

Isao Takai
Nov 4, 2012
The reason the international authority does not accept my "cultivar" registration is because I am aiming for registration to the Government of Japan first.
If the Government of Japan approves my variety registration after passing a strict examination, the Government of Japan will allow me an exclusive sale for a certain period of time. The international authority does not allow this. Therefore, if I succeed in registering with the Japanese government, I automatically lose the right to use "cultivar"(This word).

I'm sorry if it seems to be misleading. I have never applied for variety registration to international authorities. Maybe it won't happen in the future, too.
I once had a registered variety in the Japanese government, but I canceled the registration because my friend of the co-applicant passed away last year. The registration system in Japan has a very strict examination, so it was "a test our skill" and a registration for honor.
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