Current Personal Ramblings-Non Hobby Style

So, last Monday 12/14 I got to work and was told 5 people have tested positive for Covid and that I have been exposed to multiple positive cases. Work is closed till Jan 4. I went for a test on that day and came back negative on Wednesday. I did have a sore throat and post nasal drip on the day of the test. So now a few days later I have developed a real cold with sneezing and runny nose. Just a real winter cold. My wife has gotten it too. We don't have fevers. Dug up my garden bed on Monday and planted my garlic on Tuesday. Snow came Wednesday. Then, shoveled by hand, our driveway. A neighbor did come by with a 4 wheel ATV and plowed out the end of the driveway where the snowplows piled it higher. Otherwise, the rest by muscle power. I did go into my crawl space to empty the dehumidifier toward the end of the shoveling and cramped up in my right calf. Man, that made me think of how painful a heart attack would be when your heart cramps. You would not be able to miss it. I had to lay on my crawl space floor for over 5 minutes until the cramp subsided. It was sore for hours afterwards.

So, I was food shopping yesterday and "Stilton" came into my mind. (I was actually out looking for Artisanal meats to give to my son.) I went to the cheese display and found a wedge of Blue Stilton and bought it. I just finished enjoying some properly warmed to room temp served on Triscuit crackers with Deglet Noor dates and Founders Dirty ******* Scotch Ale at our cool room temp (66F). Maybe my cold is skewing my taste, but it really, really tasted great. I have a Liverwurst and Onion sandwich waiting out there for me. (Also a product of yesterday's trip.)

I am making preparations for our annual winter campout in Sussex County Dec 31-Jan 2. So far we have 3-4 adults and 10-14 Middle School Trailmen. We are social distancing by having each person bring their own sleeping shelter. Only direct family members will sleep together. Three of the guys have hammock sleeping systems and may end up bringing them. I just cautioned them to make sure they have proper insulation for under them as they will really freeze suspended above the ground. Your nice sub zero sleeping bag will compress under you and loose its cold rating. I sleep on the ground on a R-5 Therm-a-rest sleeping pad. Mine is over 11 years old and still going strong. We may even be able to make some snow shelters with this snow.
Last Saturday as I was walking back to my garage I saw a Dandelion blooming in my lawn. Go figure. I do see some of my daffodils growing a tiny bit, but it is still way early.
I hate dandelions, they are the mortal enemy of my lawn, garden, and possibly my bog garden once I put it outside next year.
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