Cut the Flower stem???

I've read care sheets stating that it is a good idea to cut the flower stem of a vft early during the growing season. Is this a good idea? Does it create more growth and larger traps? Thanks!!!!
yes it is a good idea to cut it because it wastes the plants energy sending up a stalk, and i am not shure about more growth...


Hey Brad,

When the plant makes a flower, it takes a lot of plants energy....meaning, it might slow down it making leaves.

If you leave it on, you will notice new traps won't form as quickly.

If you want seed, keep it on....If you want to see what the flower looks like keep it on

Otherwise I would cut it off now.
If your flytrap is new, it is almost vital that you cut the flower stalk off... The fact that it was shipped to you (via mail, or your own car) means that it was jarred, and stuff... you wanna let if have time to grow. I read once that Venus Flytraps can take up to one year to recover from producing a flower... It wont increase growth, or trap size, but it WILL allow it to continue at a normal pace... I suppose that after a year or two (if its still alive) you could get a flower goin and make some seed... Thats what i'm gonna do, and under the same conditions too (if its still alive). Imagine cute little VFTs that eat little dirt bugs all by their very own selfs!!! Heeeee!!!
During 1985-1989, I had successfully grown several VFTs. However, it seems that the number one killer was from flowering. I advise you to cut the stalks off beforehand.