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D. Capensis Giant form - Largest known

Sep 2, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Hey all, I'm on a mission to find this mythical 60cm D. Capensis strain. I have done some research, and saw that there are some strains that do get quite large, but I am still looking for the monster plants that I'm told are in existence.

Information alone on where to find a verified strain is appreciated, but I'd like to be able to trade someone for a verified plant, root cutting, or seed (I understand the seed thing has a lot of variables, etc.)

Shadowtski has helped me out with the "interesting genetics" line (Thanks again! I really appreciate it!), but I am still looking for a surefire plant that grows like the bad weed I've read about.

I have some plants/seeds available for trade, most of them not carnivores, but can supply most agrarian heirloom seeds (check out the growlist). Also deal in a lot of household plants, (golden pothos, NON-variegated spider, vinca, philodendron vine, etc.), and lots of annual and preannual flowerbed fodder (name it! I probably have it growing somewhere!)

Any and all offers will be entertained, as well as information on where to track this 2 ft. plant.

Thanks again! Apologize to the mods/members if I messed something up in my posting!