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D. omissa (pink) & D. patens


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
This is D. omissa (pink):


Will it be or is it a real omissa (formerly called ericksoniae) or is this to be renamed a patens?

This D. patens:


Ironically, both pots are sending up flower scapes.
This one came to me as D. omissa (pink). It has now opened up a flower:


Is this omissa the one that has been renamed as D. patens or was this what was called D. erricksoniae?
Jim, what is so hard to understand?
ericksoniae.... is now omissa
nitidula ssp. omissa.... is now patens

The one you have of course it's the real onissa (a clone of mine). You cannot mix up the 2 because they are totally different.
All the confusion is between omissa x pulchella and omissa because the plants look almost identical and the flowers are very similar too ....but once you see the stigmas you know which is which.
Just making sure. The D. patens is also sending up scapes. I just haven't captured a flower yet.
D. patens, finally!