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Give Away For Active Members D. scorpioides gemmae - giveaway

  • Thread starter madrone
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My scorpioides pygmies are producing a lot of gemmae, and I'd like to get these fun dews into other folks' collections.

This giveaway is open to TerraForums members who have a USA mailing address and have 25+ posts.

I'll split postage with the winners - I should have enough gemmae for ~3 winners.
Winners will be chosen by random number drawing next week, Sunday April 3.
Winners will PM me with his/her mailing address and I expect to get the gemmae out early in the week after the drawing. Please be ready to plant the gemmae on arrival - they are best planted fresh.

Thanks to other TF members who have offered giveaways. I've benefited from their generosity and am happy to pay it forward! And thank you for looking.

Enter by adding your Forum username to a numbered list. Do not delete any previous entries.
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1 gregbey
2 vbkid

Thank you for this giveaway, I've received a number of plants from you, and my collection is much better for it :)
Everyone's a winner so far!

@Vbkid - glad to hear the plants you received are doing well!
Wahoo - we have two winners!

@Gregbey & @Vbkid I'll send you PMs with shipping options and payment info. I'd love to get these out early this week. So, be ready to pot 'em up!