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D. zigzagia


wow what a cool flower how far does the dew grow out of the picture,look like it trails quite a distance.
its a tuberous species that was described in 1999......seems to be an easy one that doesnt require a dormancy like some of them.....been trying to get this pot to go into dormancy for over a year now and it refuses to go down.....so instead of keeping it in a tray like my other dews i treat it like a house plant and let it dry out between waterings to help keep any tubers from rotting and it keeps growing.....
Nice looking plant. Do you get any seed from it on a regular basis? Looks like it is doing well without dormancy.
actually have never checked for seed.......hell this is the first time ive confirmed a flower has actually opened.....i see flower buds regularly but they kept looking like they never opened and just died off.....
Hmm, interesting. Have you ever tried to make a time lapse with it? It would be cool to see how long flowers remain open for or to confirm you flowers tend to die before they open.
i dont have the time to do that.......im generally lucky to look at them once per day, sometimes it might be 3 days a week i look in on them....

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figured i would add, that the seeds in that pot of zigzagia were planted in March of 2007....individual plants may have died down for a dormancy and came back but there has been active growth in the pot at all times since May of 2007 when the first seedlings popped up....