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Darlingtonia/P. macroceras Sites

Jul 20, 2013
Hi All!

In late September I'm flying into Eugene, OR for a family vacation that will include a trip down to see the Red Woods. I'd love to see some Darlingtonia and Pinguicula macroceras sites while I'm out there, but it's been quite a while so I'm not sure where the best places to go are. We're still figuring out the day-to-day, but besides the Eugene area, I do know that we'll be going to Crater Lake and Red Wood State and National Parks. My guess is that we'll be traveling down 199 at least once.

In any case, I was hoping some of you would be willing to share some nice spots for seeing Darlingtonia and/or P. macroceras. We do plan on hiking, so locations we have to hike to are good with us. I am going to try to stop by the well-known Darlingtonia Wayside and the Smith River Trail, but I'm hoping to see a few more spots during that road trip around that area.

Thanks for the help and please feel free to PM me rather than share publicly,