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Oct 7, 2019
Hello TF community. I have a few statements to make. For one. I AM NOT ILOVEDROSERA OR FLUFFYCHINCHILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owning some interesting utrics doesn’t mean that we are the same person (cough *kkressmen* cough). If one more member tells me that I am, I will most probably delete my account. This has gone to the point to where yesterday, I tried to make a trade with someone, not going to name names here because I am a nice person, and their first response was to pm me pictures of emails that they have received warning them about ilovedrosera and FluffyChinchilla followed by some seriously rude comments. In all fairness, though, I was able to prove to the other member that I am just UtricLover, not ilovedrosera or FluffyChinchilla. Please, just please, stop making assumptions and then just screaming at someone over the internet. A very smart person who is one of my “personal heroes”, my extremely intelligent and warm-hearted father who makes it his sole purpose in life to make sure that I grow up without these issues,once told me that one post online can make you lose the opportunity to get into a good college, or make the whole internet hate you. I really don’t want this to happen to me because of a simple misunderstanding. I really think that this has gone to far already, considering that these outrages from other members have happened twice, in the three days that I have been a member here.

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I have determined that this user is in fact the same as those people have said. It turns out this user is a very young child and I've managed to contact his father who says he will make the trade agreement with our user (that was made on another forum) right. I've sent over that user's email to the father so they can work it out, so it's between them now. I'm sure it's been/will be quite a learning experience for him!

Sometimes it is hard to check on a user before agreeing to trade with them. The best suggestion I have would be if you're a long standing member of a community and someone else is new, use that as the reason for them to send their side of the trade to you first. If they aren't willing to do that, I'd call that a red flag. They should understand they are new, and so unknown in the community while you have a longer history there and thus makes you more trustworthy. Also, if they claim to be (some username) from another forum, don't take their word for it. Have them add a word to the end of a post or their signature so you can verify, and you can decide if seeing their activity on that other forum is enough to gain trust in the trade.
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