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Deltatango 301 Growlist 138 plants in Greenhouse 10' X 6'

WANTED Drosera Derbyensis D. Adelae D. Ultramafica X Spatulata D. Purpurascens

My Plants

x phalaenopsis X 2 (Dobbies)

bromeliad (Dobbies)

Sun Pitcher
nutans x heterodoxa (HV011Hants)

Cobra Lily
Darlingtonia Californica (BenS)

Monkey Cups
Nepenthes Ventricosa (SunDC)

Venus Fly Trap
Dionaea Muscipula

All Green GA KS1 2009 (DM41 Almere nl)
B52 (LHOH)
Big mouth (Trev Cox)
Darwin (LHOH)
Giant form x sawtooth (Trev Cox)
Giant Peach KN 2009 (DM82 Almere nl)
Great white shark (LHOH)
Inner Red Line KN 2009 (DM81 Almere nl)
Ali Red Red dragon (SunDC)
Red sawtooth (Trev Cox)
Red Piranha (LHOH)
Sawtooth V.L. 2008 (DM60 Almere nl)
Scarlet Bristle (LHOH)
Slacks giant (Trev Cox)
Small form (Dobbies)
South West Giant (LHOH)
Spider (Trev Cox)
Switzerland giant (Trev Cox)

Albany Pitcher Plant
Cephalotus follicularis (CF013 Hants)
Hummers Giant (CPS)

Cape Sundew

admirabilis (DS043 Hants)
affinis 'Namibia' (Louis W Ger)
aliciae (Hants) Flower Pink
anglica (DS032 Hants) Flower White
binata T Form (DS002 Hants) Flower White
binata olive green stem form (DS044 Hants)
binata var. dichotoma (DS006 Australia Hants)
binata var. multifida (DSO31 Hants)
capensis alba (DS005 Hants)
capensis broad leaf (LHOH) Flower Pink
capensis 'red' Giftberg RSA (Louis W Ger)
capensis all red DRS026 (Hants)
capensis narrow leaf (SunDC)
collinsiae {Usuthut River Swaziland} (Louis W Ger)
filiformis (Tobias K Ger) Flower Pink
filiformis ssp filiformis (LHOH)
graomogolensis (Tobias K Ger)
lanata x petiolaris NT form seedgrown (Damien J Fra)
madagasgariensis (DS020 Hants)
natalensis (Tobias K Ger) Flower Pink
nidiformis (DS035 Hants) Flower purple
ordensis x falconeri seedgrown (Damien J Fra)
odensis x falconeri x lanata ‘NT seedgrown (Damien J Fra)
pulchella x ericksonae (DS39 Hants) Flower Pink
pulchella Pygmy Australia (DS030 Hants) Flower Orange
regis (Nadja)
roseana Pygmy (DS39 Hants) Flower White
rotundifolia (LHOH)
spatulata (Hants) Flower Pink
slackii (DS023 Hants)
x ultramafica (Louis W Ger)
venusta (DS034 Hants)

North American Pitchers

alata angelina Co (A Boss IT)
alata - Copper Top (A14 Andy C)
alata purple lid & Throat white flower (A07 Andy C)
alata var. nigropupurea DeSoto, Texas (Alexis)
alata "MI, Jackson Co., Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR" (Parvanov SK)
alata black tube, desoto, mississippi (A Boss IT)
alata - Typical Form - Stone Co, Mississippi (WS) (A4 Andy C)
alata giant red throat, (A Boss IT)
alata - Heavily Veined - Hilltop Texas (A29 Andy C)
flava var. cuprea (F42 Andy C)
flava var ornata Sandy creek rd, Bay Co N.Florida (Hants)
flava var maxima saphony creek Sussex co Virginia all green form (Hants)
flava var maxima Sussex Co Virginia (at MKd)
flava var. rubricorpora Claret - F25C MK (Koen Bel)
flava var. flava, Dahlia bog, Virginia, Tall slender pitchers to 3feet tall (Koen Bel)
flava var. flava - Marstons Exotics (F09 Andy C)
flava var. flava - Honeysuckle Lane Hurleyville South Carolina (F90 Andy C)
flava var flava (F67 Andy C)
flava var flava (F80 Andy C)
flava var. atropurpurea All red form, Blackwater River State Forest, Florida (John Ainsworth) F27C (Alexis)
flava var rubricorpora Burgundy F26 (MK)
flava var rubricorpora Apalachicola Florida (F21 Andy C)
flava var rubricorpora Apalachicola Nat Forest Clone 4 (MK)
flava - Marston Dwarf (F44 Andy C)
leucophylla red/white, perdido, Alabama, L05 AD (A Boss IT)
leucophylla Yellow Flower Russell Rd Alabama L14 (MK)
leucophylla pink upper tube L43MK (A Boss IT)
leucophylla - White top/red veins - Tibbee, Alabama (L02 Andy C)
leucophylla - White Top Green/veined (L20 Andy C)
leucophylla Pensacola Fields FL wild seed moorei (L48 Andy C)
leucophylla - Red & White - Nr Perdido, Alabama (WS) (L05 Andy C)
leucophylla - Gas Staition Site (L36 Andy C)
minor Waycross Georgia Pale Green (SM002 Hants)
minor "Georgia" (Parvanov SK)
minor Okee Giant (LHOH)
oreophila, by faunista seed (A Boss IT)
psittacina  (Parvanov SK)
rubra ssp rubra - Taylor County - (RR5 MK) (RR03 Andy C)
rubra ssp golfensis yellow river N Florida wild seed (Hants)
rubra fiore giallo (A Boss IT)
rubra jonesii forma heterophilla (A Boss IT)

Sarracenia Hybrids

x Catesbaei S flawed purpurea (SunDC)
x Catesbaei x S.popei (H89 Andy C)
x Chelsonii (Dobbies) Flower Red
x Brooks hybrid (SH011 Hants)
x Dana’s Delight (Alexis)
x Excellens (Koen Bel)
x Eva Matthew Soper (Alexis)
x Farnhamii (Koen Bel)
x flava 'red tube' x S.alata 'red lid' (H87 Andy C)
x flava 'red tube' x S.alata 'red lid' (H40 Andy C)
x Judith Hindle (Alexis)
x Juthatip Soper CV (SH20 Hants)
x Juthatip Soper (MK)
x Juthatip Soper x leucophylla (MK)
x Ladies in Waiting H53 (MK)
x leah wilkerson x Leucophylla var pubescens clone 5 (A Boss IT)
x leah wilkerson x Leucophylla var pubescens clone 6 (A Boss IT)
x leah wilkerson x Leucophylla var pubescens clone 7 (A Boss IT)
x leucophylla x S.areolata (H100 Andy C)
x leucophylla x Diane Whittaker H 202 (MK)
x leucophylla x Mitchelliana (CPS)
x leucophylla (Dobbies)
x minor x psittacina (Parvanov SK)
x moorei clone Laiden (A Boss IT)
x moorei Copper Top x S.Flava var rubricorpora x S. Flava var atropurpurea (CPS)
x moorei 'Elizabath' (H 175 Andy C)
x moorei (H35 Andy C)
x moorei x S.leucophylla (H56 Andy C)
x oereolata pubescent (H02 Andy C)
x oreophila x S.flava maxima - Very Vigorous H06 (Andy C)
x oreophila x minor x moorei H119 (MK)
x readii (SH14 Hants)
x stevensii (Koen Bel)
x vogel (MK)

Being new if you think there's a mistake in the above PM me
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