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Dendrobium Jenkinsii

Nov 23, 2014
Chicago, IL
I picked up this plant at the Chicago Botanic Gardens at their orchid show on Sunday. The woman selling them was really busy, so I didnt get to ask about it, I just bought it and figured id learn to take care of it later... Little did I know that these apparently are notoriously difficult to get to flower. I've done my research, but there isnt THAT much info out there on these species, so I thought I'd post here =]

I understand that they have a really dry bright winter. The plant I got was bone dry, although I see new growth on the roots. At first I just misted it, but since I read that they come out of their dormancy in March/early spring, and I saw the new growth, I soaked the pot last night. I will start watering every 2-3 days. Right now its in my south window which gets ~3 hours of direct sun and bright light the rest of the day. It also has 2 medium-high powered CLFs about 1-2 feet from it. Will this location suffice based on my description, or should I find a spot for it outside this summer (in Chicago, IL,USA)?

Specimen in window.

New Root Growth:

Also, I'd like to mount it. I snagged this decomposing branch (SW side of photo) and bark (NE side of photo) from my aunt's property Sunday after the show. Do you think it would take to the bark? The branch is too far into its decomposition cycle I believe, its rather brittle. Some of the roots seem locked to the terracotta pot it is currently in. Will removing those roots dramatically affect the plant if I mount it?


Ill post some pics from the show in my pic topic =]
Oct 15, 2015
Central Florida
Hey sorry I just saw that you want to mount it. I mount a lot of my orchids because I live in Florida where we have super high humidity. That species as well as aggregatum both mount very well. Just be careful when choosing what wood to mount it to. In a year if the plant has attached well, you don't want the wood to rot under it. I've had it happen and it sucks, it's a mess. Other than that as long as you keep humidity pretty high that species will mount well. Hope I helped some at least. If I missed something please ask. You can do it though!! Have faith!