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Looking For (trade) densiflora x robcanleyi pollen -first flower opened yesterday


Dec 16, 2016
Western South Carolina, USA
My densiflora x robcanleyi started blooming yesterday . Looking for a nice female cross. I’m new at this, so will need some help with how many to send and if more than one person can get pollen. AD9D7400-F13B-4F30-99F6-951F809A4446.jpeg
Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
I recommend you only send the pollen heads, don't try to send the whole flower. Just makes a mess. And yes, if you choose to more than one person can be sent pollen, how much depends entirely on how much pollen each of those flowers produces and how many flowers you would want to pollinate (expect that for a moderate pollen yield each flower would properly pollinate one other female flower, maybe 2). Clip the pollen heads into either an aluminum or wax paper packet, leave out to dry for a day or two, and then either pack up to send to someone or stick it in the freezer.
I have a ventricosa female about to bloom, fingers crossed on maybe rajah x jacquelineae developing a flower and not just another oddly thick leaf bud, and hopefully sometime over summer I might be able to convince my boschiana female again.