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Desk Top VFT

Jun 21, 2016
I'm wondering what is the best way to grow a Venus Fly Trap in a typical college dorm, preferably on a desk in a pot with a desk lamp. I don't know how much light I'll be able to access from the window and want to cover my bases.

Can anyone recommend a desktop grow lighting solution for my VFT? Does anyone have experience growing VFTs in a college dorm?

Thank you for your help.
Jan 23, 2016
Look on any major online retailer for a grow bulb that fits in a standard desk lamp. There are lots of them, standard and LED. Pair that with a timer, and I'd think you could grow one or two small pots quite well. Don't forget the RO or distilled water - no tap. Bought one for my stepmother which has worked really well for her. Not too expensive, either.
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