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Desktop Terrarium?

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I just noticed this thread - here's actually my desktop terra at work. I keep it under a 26W Daylight CFL in a herp light fixture sat directly on top of the glass on top - the top of the cube is like 3/4 piece of glass that slides on and 1/4 mesh netting thing. CFL because I want the heat in the day due to the N.villosa. It's 1'x1' cube and I stand all the plants on smaller pots to elevate them, sat in saucers. The bottom is just flooded with water most of the time due to condensation rolling down the insides of the terra but it's good to keep the humidity constant. I had that white square grating at the bottom for a few years but it gets mucky and hard to clean, which I don't want to show off at work. A local petshop used to make these terras on-site but stopped making them a few years ago.


Let me know (PM) if you want a little prolifera or xAndromeda plantlet to seed in your terra to take over like the weeds they are. I'm shipping NASC stuff out this weekend so one more box won't dent my plans :-))