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Dewy pine seedling flower

Jun 6, 2019
So this is a first for me. I've had dewy seedlings do this before, but all have died long before this point. I fed this one everyday, and it persisted.
Can I expect a seed or two if I pollinate it? We all know what flower stalks do after setting seed.. Do I need to bother repotting? Any tips are appreciated.

I suppose my long term goal of growing a dewy pine from seed to flower is accomplished, then?IMG_20190630_062514889~2.jpg

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Lotsa blue
Sep 5, 2011
Vancouver, Washington State, US
Congratulations! That is easily the smallest Drosophyllum I have ever seen in bloom. If you want a full-sized plant you will need to repot it to at least a 6" pot, which should be easy to do being as it is growing in a fiber pot that you can just sink into the soil of a larger pot. I'm not sure if producing seed would sap your seedling or if it would survive it. It doesn't seem likely that it would produce seed but it also doesn't seem likely that it would bloom at this size so who knows?