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Discussion and Requests here - Bids Only in the Auction Threads, please!


wicked good plants!
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Please do not post in the auction threads unless you are bidding. "Nice plant" or "Too rich for my blood" posts make it VERY difficult for us to sort out the bids!

Feel free to chat about the auctions and make requests in this thread. Thanks!
To the best of my knowledge, yes. :)
Ok, I thought there were one or two people who never paid from the last auction. I can't check now since the old auction is closed to mere mortals such as myself ;)
There was an issue or two, but we did eventually clear them up. No additions to the naughty list this year!
what are accpeptable forms of payment?
what are accpeptable forms of payment?

"PAYMENT FOR A WON ITEM: Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or Paypal. Make your checks out to North American Sarracenia Conservancy; send your total payment amount to:

NASC Treasurer
ATTN: Sheila Stewart
PO Box 43
Wesson, MS 39191

Paypal to treasurer (at) nasarracenia (dot) org as "Goods, other". Please make sure you use the "note" function and title it "AUCTION" along with ALL other pertinent information listed below...so Sheila (catrus) will know what payments are auction related and for which items/seller.

When you send in your payment, you MUST include the following information:

1) Your real first and last name
2) Your TerraForums ID (if a member)
3) Phone number and email address *just in case* we need to contact you
4) a) full list of EACH Item you won and are paying for
b) Ending bid (price) of EACH item
c) The FORUM name or email of the donor (so they can be notified to ship!)

If you are MAILING a payment in, please use this handy PDF form. Print it out, fill it in with the above information and send with your payment. http://www.nasarracenia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Auction-buyers-form-2012.pdf (Please note that this is an old form. Send your payment to Sheila Stewart at the address above.)

Any "mystery payments" (no identifiers) will be refused by NASC and returned to the sender.

SHIPPING FEES: The LISTER (DONOR) will choose who pays the shipping on their item. He/she may offer to pay shipping OR require the bidder to pay shipping costs; this information MUST be disclosed in the listing information so the bidder knows prior to bidding who will pay the costs. Shipping fees (as accurate as possible) and/or restrictions should be clearly posted in the listing (item topic); shipping costs can be estimated. Seller/donor should take all care possible to ensure their item is well packed and will arrive in good shape.

PAYMENT/SHIPPING POLICY: ***No item will be shipped until payment has been received.** Each winner will have 30 days from the close of auction to remit payment to NASC and any shipping fees to the donor (seller). Items must be shipped to winners within 14 days of receipt of payment. If item payments are not received within the 30 day time allowance, the bid is voided and the next highest bidder will be offered the item at their highest bid. The same time allotments apply to each winner bidder if previous bids have been voided. Insurance will be at the request and expense of the buyer.
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@potted_plants: Seriously? Read the first sentence of your post duder..
Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or Paypal.

Looking for cephs and South American sundews this year please!
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@mass potted_plants was answering Rball's question. Note the question is a quote :p
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Wow! A big round of applause for Ozzy, kulamauiman, Av8tor1, Devon, cody, Crissytal, and of course adnedarn for their generous donations to get us going on the first day. Great stuff! :bigthumpup:
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Would anyone be interested in kaffir (citrus hystrix) or jeruk lime plants???
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An authentic Heliamphora macdonaldae would be nice....

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I would love to see a macrophylla or villosa :lol:
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Sarr and Drosera seeds? ???
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I'm thinking of selling some beginner's South African Drosera as a "set": Drosera venusta "coccicaulis" (mature), D. aliciae (close to flowering size), D. capensis red (year off from flowering size), D. capensis "alba" - mature.

Or would you rather I sell them individually. I could sell both as a set and individually.