Do your vfts catch a lot of daddylonglegs?


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Hi Guys,
I always thought that daddylongleggs were carnivorous (I've even seen them with prey) why are my vfts catching so many of them? Are they also scavengers, and getting caught trying to get at the bug carcasses left in the traps after digestion?

Not like I'm's so cool to walk out in the morning and see a trap sealed shut with all these still-twitching leggs sticking out of it....
Hey Schloaty -


I thought it was peculiar to this yard or something. Last week there were 5 or 6 plants that had the same thing. Daddy long leg bodies caught in flytraps with their legs all twitching sticking out of the traps.

Another thing happened today in one of my trays I keep the flytraps in. There were maybe 3 plants next to each other covered with web. As I went to feed one of the traps a fly with my tweezers - this HUGE brown spider jumped right out in front of it, as if to say, "GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!!!!!"

Pretty cool. I fed a VFT, not the spider. Maybe next time.

Yes... my VFTs have caught many daddylonglegs within the last week. The only problem is that all of the traps that have caught them are rotting prematurely *glowers*

Anyone else having problems with these spiders?
Well, my vft didn't actually catch a daddy long legs, but I fed one to it. The trap opened only about a day or two after it closed, like jimscott's. I guess there's not much meat to a daddy long legs.


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Mine haven't caught any this year yet. Last year though, my they caught a bunch. Didn't hurt the traps any that I could tell.
I've fed my plants these after pullign the legs off. They took like 1 week for mind to digest. It rotted too.

Does it take age before the plant can do stuff like this?


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Daddylonglegs are primaraly scavengers so yes, the reason they get caught is that they are trying to take the remains from the traps and trigger them. The pain of it is that usually the trap can not seal around the legs well enough so the trap rots. But the legs hanging out makes for a fun site and if you want to gross your friends show them a recent capture and how it'll stil twitch its legs if you brush them

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Mine do the same! I was going to post a topic asking what plants typically catch what insects (such as daddylonglegs and crane flies for a VFT or at least in my case). I'm glad I'm not the only one haha. Oddly enough the traps on mine don't rot whether the legs stick out or not...



i never catch daddy long-legs! *pouts* they are really big around here (they have really long legs), and so they never get trapped. That would be interesting to see though XD


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It's strange though... it catches the body of the spider like it decided to just sit down in the trap... its weird...


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Typically ants and earwigs (especially) are caught by the VFTs. Never had a longleg. Sounds like a bummer if the traps rot though.


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You do realize this thread is over 3 years dead right? Still... I should post to the topic lol.

Yes, my Dionaea catch HORDES of Daddy long legs. They catch 1 or 2 flies then BAM they catch a Daddy Long Legs then after a week another one tries to eat it's bretheren's body and he gets caught too! Most of them catch Daddy Long legs only. Every day there is at least 2 or 3 new Daddy long legs caught with the legs twitching. Everything catches them, from Petite Dragons to Typicals to Big Mouths. Their primary and main meals are Daddy Long Legs. Sometimes the bodies are just barely caught so they live for awhile. We got decent light winds outside where I live and they are out in the open so I've never had a single trap rot or show signs of rot. My Dionaea LOVE Daddy Long Legs!


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Since the last time I posted to this topic was more than 3 years ago, I'll post again :nana: . My VFTs that are forming ground hugging traps seem to catch the most while those with their traps up in the air seldom catch them. Just check my VFTs and none of them have daddy lonlglegs in them. The rains we got these last two days have washed the traps clean leaving only one with an earwigs butt sticking out. Seems it stuck its nose in where it shouldn't have...