Double trapped.

nepenthes gracilis

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Well, a rarity has happened to my VFT, it made 2 seperate and looks like they should function speratly and independently, have a look, still developing. I am soo happy and excited!  

Looks like they will be indenpendent! This will be on my greenhouse hall of fame!  
 Richard UK also has a double VFT that is mutated anf fused together. How does everyone like it and what do you all think? Thanks! NG.
Hey Nep G, is your plant producing a new growing point by any chance? My Vft (the same one that produced the mutated trap) has gone and sent up another mutated leaf. This time the petiole starts as one but devides into two about 1/3 of the way up. I noticed that the plant has just started to produce a second growing point. I guess the leaf was unsure about wich point it belonged to!

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
My VFT I got at a walmart while I was in FL and I belive it may be yellow but think it is common myself, and yes it has about 4-6 growing points! It just keeps clumping like mad! And it is rosseted year round I guess, no summer traps, I wonder why, it is wierd.
I envE you Nep G and Richard UK...
My flytraps are normal but nothing wrong with that - I guess. Keep us updated Nep G. I would love to see what it looks like later on.

U know what minedoes? It flops over in full sun. Is that a mutation? I wonder what it will do under low light conditions...


if it's flopping over in full sun you hav one of two problems... (IMHO)

inadequate water, or to much heat from the sun.

When the sun h eats a VFT's roots over I think, 90 degrees, they roots begin to die, and the plants overall health is effected.

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
yep, it can happen to ANY plant, CP or non. My poor N.Madagascariensis is subject to that
.....maby it'll come back, I gave it a doesage of 3-4 drops of Superthrive to like 8 ounces of water so it will be concentrated!
The VFT now on is having one trap opening up and the other one is well on it's way so when they open I'll put up another picture!
Ugh... Over ninety? Well. Welcome to my backyard, it was around 110 a few days ago, and its not really coming down much...