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Drosera dielsiana?

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I thought his toakiensis and the one you identified as natalensis looked similar. My powers of observation are improving! :-O
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Natch, your tiny plants in the capensis pot are not tokaiensis. If anything, they look like a compact form of natalensis (the famously mislabeled as dielsiana), same as what I identified for Stasisgate. Also, your cap is definitely part of the "long arm" group, which is actually rather distinct as it looks very similar to a cross between a typical cap and intermedia, only fertile. The lamina shape for the whole species though is pretty distinct.
Unfortunately, if it's true capillaris never have bright pink flowers, and the shape isn't as variable as I thought it might be, I am now looking for replacement plants of D. capillaris "Long Arm", a typical form (my supposed "Costa Rica" plants), and I will need to contact the ICPS seedbank to let them know there are mislabeled seeds there.

Here's my two cents on IDing these. I'm not sure if that helps or obscures the matter. Most of my IDing skill of these plants comes from Schnell's 2002 book, which I used extensively when living in the SE. I certainly agree with your implication that there may be fertile hybrids.

Well, now I need to relabel those plants and contact the person I got them from to say they were mislabeled.