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Nov 16, 2006
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Drosera hamiltonii - two different clones (as labeled) West Australia and Esperance Region, SW Australia

D. hamiltonii is a fairly easy to cultivate rosetted sundew from Western Australia. This species apparently is self-incompatible so genetically different plants are needed to produce seed. Not that it matters since the plant has a reputation of being difficult to get to flower in cultivation. However, thanks to Stephen Morley it seems the plants are much more likely to flower if grown in deep pots - at the very least 6 inches. When grown in deep pots they seem to produce a lot less offshoots as well as more "dew". If you want to propagate them for trading use shallower pots (or take root cuttings).

So you are bidding on plants from both locations. You'll get one plant from the West Australia clone and two or more of the Esperance clone. These will be taken from my propagation cups so the Esperance clones are smaller (age related) while the West Australia is rather rough looking due to lighting conditions during the winter. With luck by next year you may have flowering plants from both clones and you can get some seed. If you do get seed and later seedlings it may be a good idea to give unique identifiers to each clone so people can track the hereditary lines to produce more seed.

The parent plants normally flower for me beginning the end of May or middle of June so I don't want to disturb my "breeding" colonies. I hope to get enough seed eventually to donate to the ICPS seedbank.

Plants will be shipped bare root. Winner pays shipping $5.95 USPS Priority. US only. Shipping can be combined with other item. I cannot supply phytosanitary or nursery certificates.

Bidding starts at $5.00

West Australia

Esperance, SW Australia



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