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Drosera lanata to trade for other petiolaris species.


Lotsa blue
I currently have several mature Drosera lanata (AG3 clone) plants to trade. I am looking for D. fulva, D. banksii, D. darwinensis, D. kenneallyi, D. ordensis or any of the aff. species/forms. This photo shows the same clone I am offering. If you are interested send me a pm (personal message) or a post below.

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Sweetening the offer -

I am now prepared to offer D. derbyensis and D. brevicornis plants in trade for the species mentioned above. I would accept seeds from D. banksii. In addition I offer seeds from my current seed list for trade: bluemax's Seed Inventory
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These plants are still available for trade at this date. Bump.
LOL! Why couldn't it be in reverse? That's the ONLY Petiolaris Comlex plant I have, and it clumped into 3 adjoining plants.
Hey Mark, any interest in petiolaris hybrids?