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Drosera lowriei Seed Giveaway !

I've got 12 freshly harvested Drosera lowriei seeds to give away. Standard giveaway system, just add your name to the list. Shipping is on me. Winner will be chosen a week from today, January 31st at approx 10:00 pm EST.


1. You MUST be a GREEN member.
2. You MUST be a U.S. resident.
3. You MUST have had some experience with tuberous Drosera in the past.

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Nice giveaway!
No interest in these ? Seriously ?
people thinking about super bowl now :p
Heck, I'll join! Great giveaway, Cthulu. It's been a couple of years since I've grown tuberous dews, but I have moderate experience with them. Thanks a ton!

1. Iwest :D
this is such a gem, but i have no experience with tuberous sundews... so generous of you though
Wow, great giveaway!
Probably lots of interest in these, but very few who meet the requirements ;-)
Indeed, there's probably plenty of interest. I hold the chance of using the trial Green Member, but taking it now just for a chance at a giveaway seems kind of unethical......
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Amazing giveaway. Good luck whoever wins :)
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While it may not be beneficial to casual users on here, it just makes sense for anyone who uses this site regularly to bone up and pay the $12.00 per year (That's right, it only comes out to a buck a month folks !) for the GREEN MEMBERSHIP. There are some small perks that come with the membership (Andy can fill you in better than I can on these), not to mention all the GREEN MEMBERS ONLY giveaways and the privilege of being allowed to sell your plants on here. 90% of my giveaways will be for GREEN MEMBERS ONLY, this is only partly due to exclude the "Gimme Gimmies" who's ONLY posts on here are signing up for free stuff. The main point is to try and encourage other people to buy the membership (which also comes free with purchases from flytrapshop.com by the way.......). This site, while maybe free for you to use, it is not free to run.

So, belly up to the bar folks and get that GREEN MEMBERSHIP. Spring is coming and there will be MANY more giveaways for paid members.........
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Am I too late? Would love the chance to grab one!
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It was worth the $12 for me to be able to attach pics in the way I'm used to. Looking at the quality of my pics you might not agree........
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Iwest wins. PM me your address and I'll get those out to you this week. Keep them in the fridge until summer, then give them a couple of months of hot, dry stratification. Sow them in August or September. Good luck germinating them !
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Awesome, thanks so much! Just sent you a PM. I can't wait!