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Drosera lowriei Seed Trade

I've got 12 freshly harvested D.lowriei seeds up for trade. I'm looking for other seeds from off my "Wanted List" which is at the bottom of my Growlist in exchange. Will also consider other interesting seeds.

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Not sure how much I could offer, but looking through the list of wants I may have some capensis "wide leaf" and "red" seeds I can spare, possibly extra seeds from some of my confirmed hybrid crosses...
I'm looking for something a bit more unusual for these. Fresh D.lowriei seeds aren't something you see every day.
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How about B. liniflora seeds?
I've actually got some germinating now, Jim. Thanks for the offer though.
What about Pinguicula primuliflora plantlets? (I didn't see that [awesome!] species on your list….) -pt
No thanks, I'm not set up for warm temperate Pinguicula. I won't be delving back into them until after I move south.
Trade closed, they've found a home.