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Drosera Regia Stressed?

Jun 8, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum! I recently got myself a drosera regia after wanting one for a long time now, along with a drosera aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek". It's been about a week and a half since I got them and I noticed that, especially with the regia, the leaves are starting to shorten a bit. Any idea as to why, and how I can possibly correct this?

I acclimated them for a few days in dappled sunlight and kept a freezer bag over them with some holes in it; lately they've been sitting in full sun for 8-10 hours or so. Local weather has been between 70-85ish fahrenheit the last week.

New leaves are short, and the newest one (only one to unfurl so far since I got it) is wrapped around the base of the plant. Some old leaves are blackening at the tips and some are getting red spots. The new leaf, along with the others, is producing dew.

Maybe shortened new leaves? I'm not too familiar with this style of drosera, though, so maybe it's part of the normal leaf growing process and I'm jumping the gun.

Growing conditions:
Currently full sun 8-10 hours a day outside, taken inside at night (temps have been dropping a bit at night lately. Took them inside today because I was thinking they were being stressed by the heat/sun, hence them being on a windowsill in the pictures; tray method of watering; distilled water only. No fertilizer used (as far as I know) on the regia. Been feeding them both with ants and other bugs I find outside, along with whatever they end up catching on their own. Not sure the media used, but I bought the plants from Curious Plant.

Thank you very much!


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Jun 24, 2012
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What is your night temp outside? The D. lanata I can't comment on as I've never grown the petiolaris complex but the D. regia is a hardy chappie. I'd leave that one outside and stop moving it around.
I see that article says D. regia will withstand a light frost well yes I'd agree as mine have survived 0ºF whilst in hibernacula. They begin new growth when there are nightly and occasional daytime frosts. ie January in the UK

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Nov 16, 2006
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If it is making dew than it is probably doing fine. A period of acclimation is to be expected.

Having no idea of where abouts you are growing leaves us no clue to what your climate may be like.

Petiolaris in general like it warm and humid. By warm you're probably looking at from the 80s to low 100s F. A temperature drop at night helps but need not be more than a few degrees relative to day time. Prolonged temperatures below the high 60s F may lead to dormancy.
Jun 1, 2007
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As long as it's not dropping below freezing outside, the Regia should be fine with the nighttime temperature drop, if not thrive in it. I might give it a spray of Miticide as well just in case. Mites are a silent killer of D. Regia in my experience, and I take preventative measures any time one seems to be experiencing difficulty, even if I don't see any mites at that moment.