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Drosera rotundifolia 'Charles Darwin' germination!

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Seeds were sown 02/18/07 on peat/sand mix.

Germination noticed today.

'Charles Darwin' seeds do not require stratification nor do the plants require dormancy. They may go dormant for a brief period (weeks) but that's it.
Congratulations! :)

Will you be able to post photos of them? That would be super. ;)
I took a couple photos but since I'm still using film it will be awhile before I finish the roll and get it developed.

These things are tiny, not much bigger than the grains of sand in the mix.
I wonder what distinctive features it has, relative to the straight up rotundifolia.
I've been looking for these myself since I seen the ICPS article. Lookin forward to those pics!
Okay, so now the true leaves are coming out on the first wave - started at couple days ago. And the second wave of germinations started too - the population more than tripled almost overnight.

These things grow like crazy!

The D. rotundifolia from WA that I sowed a week after the 'Charles Darwin' (stratified) has yet to germinate. The paper towel may have been too wet. We shall see.
I've read the article, but from my limited knowledge of genetics, I still don't understand how it can be a cultivar if propagated through seed.

Cultivar Registration:

"Cultivars can be propagated vegetatively or by seed; as long as the propagation method produces new plants with the same characters mentioned in the cultivar description, the new plants can also be given the same cultivar name"

Source "Growing Carnivorous Plants", Barry Rice, Timber Press 2006, page 199
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Dates are on photos DD MM YY





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Great photos! It'll be interesting watching these guys grow...
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Aww <3, the cute things are already ready to catch microscopic bugs. How cute.

Frankly, I see nothing special about D. rotundifolia, or any Sundew, actually, the only one I want right now is Drosera regia.
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Photos I took today. One of the big plants on the lower left quadrant is munching a fungus gnat. Shots are a little fuzzy (digital zoom). Guess I'll break out my film camera.



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D. rotundifolia ‘Charles Darwin’ Revival

I recently started a new generation of my cultivar Drosera rotundifolia ‘Charles Darwin’ from seed. One seedling grew incredibly fast and began flowering like a true tropical grower as soon as it reached mature size; only 78 days after sowing the seed. I’m taking leaf cuttings of this one super grower to propagate for others. Yes, it changes if grown from seed. But oh well, the plant's namesake was all about change...

Ivan Snyder, AKA the evil Dr. FrankenSnyder
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Good to see this hasn't fallen out of cultivation. It's been a while since I've seen anyone mention it at all.
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It's a great idea. I grow D. rotundifolia but right now they are just coming out of their hibernacula and I've been without them for months. I do have 'Ivan's Paddle' to ease my separation anxieties, tho'. ;)
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NaN very nice! Please keep us updated.
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Thanks for your support guys. All five of the leaf cuttings I have taken so far are forming plantlets; Surprising because they were so tiny. Soon I will have too many mouths to feed. I am also letting the mother plant form seed because I very much enjoy growing sundews from seed. I hope to one day develop a line of thoroughbred super sundews which, from seed, breed true and uniform; --if this is possible.
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Glad to see someone propagating. It was just a year or two when I found out that this plant actually still existed. At the time, the grower said they were planning on propagating but nothing ever came of it.
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NaN very nice! Please keep us updated.

That was like 12 years ago? Unfortunately the seedlings got choked out by moss. I tried a couple other times without any luck and gave up. I kinda sucked growing from seed beck then :D Still do sometimes...