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Looking For (trade) Drosera rotundifolia or just about anything

Sep 27, 2017
I got my first carnivorous plants just under 2 years ago and joined this forum. Since then my plants have thrived with the information I have gained lurking around here. I was hoping to expand my very small collection. I was hoping to trade a new grower like myself or a more experienced grower, with a small sum of course, for some plants I don't have.
Right now I only have :

Typical Venus Flytraps
"Akai ryu" Venus Flytrap
Purple pitcher plant
Nepenthes (from Lowes, I don't know what it is)
Cape Sundew
Albino Cape Sundew

The Sundew are to small to cut right now but I would be happy to send when they grow up some. So if your collection is small and I have something you don't or your collection is big and you want to make a couple bucks on something you have plenty of, I would love to get a Round Leaved Sundew or maybe a different Flytrap or Nep. I'm open to just about anything.

Thanks for looking!
Sep 27, 2017
Thanks for replying. I appreciate the offer, I have a typical and albino. I was hoping to get a round leaf variety. Hopefully I will be getting a few seeds soon.

Thanks again!