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Durable buggers

Guess this is for those that are unsure just how dry Mexi. Pings can go without ill effects.
Not the most pleasant photo to view, but what you are looking at is the following:
P. esseriana sproutlets that fell out of a pot at some point, or maybe it was a leaf that broke off and dropped down.. I don't recall. These things just sort of popped up a couple years ago. They are sitting next to the water tray that my tuberous Drosera are now in. The sprinkler system is off in this part of the greenhouse. The sprinklers next to this bench might spray a few drops of water here and there every 2 or 3 days but if they do it is barely enough to dampen the surface. Plus there is a lip on this bench that these guys are behind, shielding them from any overspray from the neighboring sprinkler heads. This used to be a flow bench that I don't use any longer, so the surface is waterproofed plywood (the white part). These little plantlets are basically sitting on that with no soil except for a few bits of sand and other things that kind of accumulated on the bench surface. You can see how dry it usually is by the cracked crisp bits of algae. Every once in a while (read once a month or two.. or whenever) I might sprinkle them with a little water if they look particularly shriveled up. If you look closely you can see white roots growing out from the base of the plants that are just out in the air. (I left the photo full size so you can click on it to see the details down around the plants) Look in the center between the 2 plants and down at 2 and 5 oclock for the plant on the right.
Anyway so there you have it.
Wow! Yeah, until I started making my pings grow in essentially a solidified block of minerals shoved into the bottom of a pot, they kept melting. Now - bone dry for a week or two at a time roasting in the sun? Why not send up flowers!! :awesome:
Impressive!! My mother really wanted to start growing these, so I told here "Here, put it in the kitchen window and dont water it." She has done exactly that and they're still growing two years later, occasionally sending up a flower.

You and Pinguiculaman are a pair!
they're such soldiers hehe
So they're basically the perfect CP for frequent travelers? I need to try growing some!
So they're basically the perfect CP for frequent travelers? I need to try growing some!

When it comes to water- they're practically bomb proof. You can even grow them in normal plant compost with fertilizer (they just get big and green). When it comes to water, they're hardier than D. capensis.