Aug 9, 2001
San Francisco, CA
Hi. As must of you might remeber, my typical vft refused to o dormant last winter, even though i palced it outdoors in the cold and had it shaded my a bench. It just grew so strong! My dente was going through the same thing, until it fnally went dormact. Now i think the vft's are paying for it. The typical lost all its rosetted leaves and is in the process of forming summer erect leaves. The only problem is none of the traps worka dn the leaves are dying in about 1 week. Not alot of leaves are forming ethier. The dente, is also prefornming the same thing. I cut the flower stalks off to save energy. They are all outdoors getting about 5 hours of direct sun. My pottted sarracenia and D.rotundfolia thrive, so i guess humidiy is rte. Any tips?