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Edible: Wild Field Grown Texas Chives

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Aug 18, 2012
Gulf coast, Texas
Seems like the market is more interested in the carnivores this year, but I figured I would list something a little different. These chives are native here, they pretty much grow everywhere and nearly no one even knows they exist until I tell them about them! They are some sort of unknown wild growing chive species. Might be some sort of hybrid. I have several mother patches that I have been spreading the last few years so now I have a surplus of these.

Primary patch, growing among blackberry bushes:

The tops have "pods" which are essentially miniature onions. They are the seed that fall off and grow into new onions. When they flower they are ready to be planted in a new location (they will fall off by themselves eventually). They are also edible and quite tasty:

Once mature the little pods form into a small bulb with long, green leaves that resemble the chives you can buy from a supermarket. Shown without roots and the flower stalk cut:

These do differ from the ones you buy in supermarket:
  • No pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, or herbicides used
  • Crispier texture
  • Flavor is almost like a mild garlic and onion mixed together- slight spice or snap to it

They can be eaten as they are or replanted. You can also eat the main plants and plant the included pods. Lots of culinary uses with these, I use them for cooking all the time.

*Will go dormant over winter, I do not know what the minimum survivable temperature is, my climate is zone 9B but they have survived multiple freezes and snow flurry this winter.

Winner will get 2 bushels (8-10 onions each of varying sizes), with tops included (pods might be separated from plants cause they get kinda fragile when ready to fall off). Starting bid at $3 plus $3-5 to ship via first class mail in a padded envelope. I may even decide to cover shipping. US only please.

Thanks for looking!
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