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Ever hear of D. spiralis?

Hey guys, I found a Drosera spiralis while out shopping and picked one up in spite of not knowing anything about it. I figured what the heck? I can always look on the ICPS site or check various other resources for information on this kind of thing. D. spiralis doesn't seem to be on any of the lists though. Have you guys heard of this one? Can anyone offer up any tidbits of wisdom? Propagation techniques, native range, climate, etc. would be very helpful. I will post pics of this plant next week when I get a chance.
Most of the D. graminifolia in the USA is D. spiralis. So South American species. Has issues with media compaction. Might want intermediate conditions.
D.spiralis has been in the hobby for years being sold as D.graminifolia. It's a South American species preferring cool temps and high humidity. Mine do well growing alongside my Heliamphora. They propagate easily from root or leaf cuttings. They also prefer deep pots for their long roots like many other SA sundews. They aren't the easiest ones to keep happy but are worth the extra effort.
@Cthulhu138 and kula: Thank you gentelmen!
@bical: Pics coming soon! My camera is not with me at the moment.
Update: Here is a pic of the new "critter".
that looks cool so i googled it and guess what? i want one now :D
that looks cool so i googled it and guess what? i want one now :D

It is said to be fairly easy to reproduce, so hopefully by fall I will have an army of them. I suspect they would look cool in a mass planting and I would love to give extras away.
very nice shortbus ,i will be keen to see updates as i was considering this plant for my collection