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Everything about smaller Nepenthes maxima?

Aug 6, 2013
What is the difference between the smaller growing Nepenthes maxima? Besides being from different locations, is there a difference in size, growth, or habitat? What else do we know about the smaller growing N. maximas?

Here is a list of names I've found:
N. maxima 'mini'
N. maxima 'mini maxima'
N. maxima 'lake poso'
N. maxima 'lake poso dwarf'
N. maxima 'watutau dwarf'
N. maxima 'dwarf'
Are there more smaller N. maxima not listed? I'm guessing some of the listed maxima are the same?
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Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
Other than being small and valuable due to locality, they really don't have any reliable differences between them or with standard-sized maxima (contrary to the attempted publication of them as "N. minima;" just about every trait listed to separate them is not regularly true to form). Only one of them should have single-quotes on it however; 'Lake Poso' is the only one registered as a cultivar. The rest are either broad informal labels that can apply to any of the miniatures, or like "Watutau Dwarf" it's a separate locality.
I've been back and forth on some of the plants I have being dwarf forms or not; they came as seeds labeled "miniature, Palu" and certainly even the most mature of them have never made pitchers or leaves of size to match something like my 3067 maxima, but of the two that have so far gone off vining they aren't very small in that respect (one is well over 6 feet tall and still hasn't even deigned to flower).