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It has been some time since I posted pictures here, so I uploaded fresh photos of few plants of mine. February is the shortest month, but the longest and hardest for me, since I wait for the spring so impatiently. :) Plants like these help me get through it:) (Some are new species to my collection). I hope you like them:)

Drosera neocaledonica (taken out of TC 2 days ago)

Drosera afra (new species for me and very beautiful plant). Some call it 'the large trinervia',but to me its appearance is miles away from the one of D. trinervia.
I hope it will flower soon.


Drosera capillaris 'Colombia' young seedlings (I have noticed she likes it rather cold)

a pot of beautiful Drosera broomensis x ordensis

Drosera falconeri (entering dormancy soon)

Drosera hartmeyerorum (taken out of TC 2 days ago), grows very fast, provided hot environment

Drosera petiolaris (surprised me how huge it can grow, leaves up to 13cm)

Drosera derbyensis

Drosera esterhuyseniae x slackii- now, I am not much into hybrids but this one is very colourful and one of the biggest rosetted sundews


Drosera moorei

Drosera x tokaiensis tank

,,,and Roridula gorgonias
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Absolutely stunning! I really love all those sundews. Great work.
beautiful plants as always.
are you constantly feeding D. hartmeyerorum? i hear it needs constant feeding in order to survive, like D. indica.
planning on getting D. ultramafica anytime soon? XD
I really like that D. petiolaris, very cool :)
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I am glad you like the plants:)
1. yes, D. hartmeyerorum does require feeding. I have read that if not fed it does not have to die, but switches to 'emergency pygmy mode', which means that it grows small- 'freezes growth' and then sets flowers and seeds. (Which it is required in order to survive each season since it is an annual). I have not fed it yet, because it was grown in tissue culture. I will feed it fishflakes when it is acclimatized:)
2. I am interested in getting any species I dont have yet (D. ultramafica included)
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Good to see that your sundews are still top notch.

The D. moorei and tank are pretty neat.
They look great! I wish we had more access to these "gourmet" species!
Wow I don't even know what to dew with myself after seeing those pics!
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thanx for nice comments:)
@Jimmscott: I might be moving to CA in near future (and I intend to bring my sterile sundew cultures with me-of course, with all the neccessary paperwork;-)
@Dexenthes: You made me laugh. Thanx.
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Beautiful collection and amazing variety!
I hope that you will move to CA- you have incredible tc skills, are very nice/helpful, and most importantly, you have some dews that I rarely/never seen in anyone's possession here in the states---mostly kidding about the last part :-))
I will also hopefully be moving to Cali too- that is, if I can perform well in the lab at my internship this summer!

PS- I bought a bit of Gelrite after seeing your post about it a while back--- what concentration have you found works best for that? I should finally be able to micropropagate sundews for the first time this spring break---exactly 1 year after I originally bought everything, lol.
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Thanks for the info. Very helpful, indeed!