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So, I'm just recovering from a year-long, near catastrophic bout with pests of various sorts, from that Hawaiin white scale to thrips to munching caterpillar things, and so on. I attribute it to the long-term use of fertilizers with indoor tray-based growing and hand watering, but that's the subject of another post. My man Jeff hooked me up with some Chernobyl-based insecticide that seems to done the trick, but this is after lots of losses to some of my favorite plants.

Anyway, we're back in action, and the first round of decent pitchers have come.

Let's start with a great new hybrid, N. Splendiana x Mixta:

N. veitchii x boschiana

N. sp. Langkawi. I love the red leaves on the basals on this plant:

a more sizeable pitcher (nestled in diseased N. truncata leaves):

and for reference, here's an upper, but it was out of the good light:

N. platychila x veitchii:

Here's a hybrid I made, N. khasiana x Rokko (ep)

with the first uppers:

N. (eymae x veitchii) x ((lowii x (spathulata x maxima)). This peristome will turn a deep bronze over time.

N. lowii x spectabilis
Awesome! I'm sorry about the losses and I'm glad to see you're back in business. :-D

I really find that N. sp. Langkawi intriguing.
awesome plants! I heard you are one of the cp gods and am glad to meet you :p.
Beautilicious plants!
beautiful hybrids you have there Sir!
Love your hybrid! So colourful and red!
Well, at least the survivors are looking good. What was the radioactive pesticide you used?
Your self made hybrid is awesome! N. sp. Langkawi is really interesting.
very nice sir! it's always great to see the veterans come back. stay longer this time. :)
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I attribute it to the long-term use of fertilizers with indoor tray-based growing and hand watering, but that's the subject of another post.

Did you plan on starting that post? You basically described my setup to the T.
I would love to hear/see more about your long-term experience and change in setups. Might save me a lot of grief, and plants.

Your plants look great btw. I love the veitchii x platy.
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Welcome back! Always liked your photos, and these are no exception.
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MAX?!?!?!?!?!? Is that really you! Long time no chat bro! Glad to see you're back! I had a lil hiatus myself for personal reasons. I'm back in action now though. Obtained a sizable collection.

I envy your growing and talk about the tips you have given me all the time. Awesome plants. I am so glad to see you back! I was afraid many of the old school people I knew were from before were gone.

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Hmmm...who is this guy?......he seems...familliar. :lol: